I’m a professional photographer graduated in architecture at Milan Polytechnic and with a master’s degree in urban culture “Metropolis” at the UPC Barcelona. I worked as an architect since 2003 and from 2005 to 2009 I was involved as curator in the exhibition “Post-it City, occasional urbanites” presented at CCCB in Barcelona and in other international venues.  Meanwhile I was unconsciously photographing mostly buildings during my architecture trips.

In 2008, I quit my job and I decided to follow my passions, photography, architecture and travel, very common passions indeed… the result of this decision are the architectural and landscape photography that you are visiting in this website.

My photography is completely immersed by architecture, geometry, landscape and the human traces I found during my travels for work or leisure.

I regularly publish in the most prestigious architecture magazines (Domus, Abitare, Casabella, Téctónica, Frame, Mark, Arquitectura Viva, C3, Wallpaper, Lotus, AIT…) and my work has been presented in books by Phaidon, Taschen, Actar and Italian and Spanish newspapers (Corriere della Sera, El Pais, La Vanguardia, etc).

I collaborate with architecture offices, companies and institutions; in 2015, I was commissioned to shoot several Pavilions of Expo Milan and I closed this experience with the project “Expo Dismantling”, a personal view on these events meaning, that was published in magazines in Europe and abroad.

In February 2018, I participated in ARCO Madrid, a contemporary art fair where I presented a project commissioned by the Contemporary Photography Collection of the Enaire Foundation for the documentation of the Gamazo sheds in Santander. In 2017, I have been selected to exhibit the project “Roças of São Tomé: an [almost] lost treasure” at PhotoEspaña in Madrid in the exhibition “Infinito Interior”. In the same year, I also exhibited my work at Fundació Vila Casas and at Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt.

I won the 1st award in the photography prize organized by Fundación Enaire (ex Aena), I was commended for the European Architectural Photography Prize Architekturbild and I was nominated at Fine Art Photography Award. This year closes with an honorable mention at International Photography Awards, as in the case of previous awards with the project “Roças of São Tomé: an [almost] lost treasure”.

In 2015 I got an honorable mention at Monochrome Awards, in 2014 I won the third prize at PX3 Paris photography awards with a work on the social housing “Walden 7” by R.Bofill and a mention for the series “Durmitor Park”. In the previous years, I got mentions at IPA prize, Photography Master Cup, Philadelphia Basho Award and in 2012 I won the ArchTriumph International Architectural Photography Award.

I participated to collective exhibitions in Italy and USA and in 2015 I was one of the ten Italian photographers invited to take part to the exhibition “Architettura Sintattica” on Milanese Modern Architecture organized by the Expo Architecture Pavilion and curated by V. Sgarbi, L. Degli Esposti and M. d’Alfonso.

In 2014, I was invited to the Venice Biennale to present a work on Asnago Vender architecture in the exhibition “Innesti Grafting” at the Italian Pavilion curated by C. Zucchi. In the same year my photos of Zingonia, an utopian city in Italy, accompanied the research by AOUMM and M. Biraghi presented at “Monditalia” curated by R. Koolhaas.

In 2012, the magazine of Lombardy Institute of Architects commissioned me a monographic issue on the mutation of anthropized landscape in this region.

Beside the commissioned reportages, I’m always seeking to be involved in research and editorial projects and I develop personal projects focused on architectural and landscape photography, the last is on the colonial architecture of the Roças of São Tome and Principe.


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